Blogspot sayfamı doğrulatamıyorum

ben türkiyeden yazıyorum. diye bir blog sayfam var ama bu sayfa yı doğrulatamıyorum. Lütfen bana yardımcı olun. nasıl yapabilirim.

I have a my blog but I can’t verify this page. Please help me. How can I do.

Bu DNS, TXT çok anlamıyorum. basit bir dille tek tek kim anlatabilir

Hello @ilkmoon,

For now, supported platforms is only self-hosted website (with your own domain), Youtube and Twitch channel. Not support free .blogspot or blog yet.

But if your blog have a custom domain, then you can try verify it.

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Wait, so youre saying if i have a blog with a custom domain, then i can become a verfied publisher and collect tips / payments from visitors using Brave?

Hi @lukasinspace,

Custom domain for is requiring a plan upgrade. The plan also include ability to install plugin IIRC. Brave have WordPress plugin that can be used for verification process. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if the plan also include ability to add DNS record. If they support it, then adding DNS record is another way to do verification. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@eljuno Ok thats great to know! So Brave has a plugin for Wordpress.

Are there plugins for any other platforms as well?

Im not finding any documentation that details all the platforms that Brave can work with? The website says currently only creators with hosted websites and YouTube channels are supported… but apparently its also possoble to use Twitch and there’s a plugin for wordpress too… So… apparently more platforms are supported than is detailed on the website. Where is a list of all the currently supported platforms?

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This is a really good question. AFAIK we don’t have a list of supported platforms – we should definitely work on that.

Wordpress, Twitch, and YouTube are certainly supported at the moment and we’re always working on adding more.

Any platform that lets you set a custom DNS record will also GENERALLY work.

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Hi @Asad, thanks for the reply. Ill continue the discussion in this thread, as its more on topic.

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