Blocking video on

The site has the video on the left side that always plays.
Anyway to block or disable the video? Thanks.

Hey stevenl,

If you right click on an empty space on that page, then select Brave → Block Element, then move your cursor over the video, you can remove it. You will have to repeat this process a few times, but it will work, although it will leave an empty space in the page.

If you’d like to revert these changes, go to brave://adblock.

quick answer: add the AutoplayStopper extension —

detailed answer / some history: Brave is built on Chromium. (You may already know this.) Until mid/late summer 2019, Chrome users (and hence Chromium and Brave users) could edit a flag that controlled autoplay policy. Mid/late summer 2019, Chrome / Chromium (and hence, Brave) deprecated this flag. The explanation from Google: enabling advertisers to “engage” browser users. The result: users no longer control autoplay. I installed the AutoplayStopper extension to minimize this “engagement”. It’s worked well for me. When this topic comes up in discussions, I’ve not seen any negative comments about AutoplayStopper.

more Brave-specific details: Autoplay media popup discusses toggling Brave’s Autoplay setting available here: brave://settings/content/autoplay and brave://settings/content/popups I found toggling either / both of these options failed to stop Autoplay — specifically — on — the site about which you’re enquiring. AutoplayStopper does block autoplay on Brave’s autoplay blocking options don’t.

The downside to AutoplayStopper: broadly speaking, extensions (any extension) are risky. Further, NO Chromium or Chrome-based browser gives users control over extension updates. Good extensions go bad. Some details here:

3/1/2020: The Case for Limiting Your Browser Extensions

11/20/2020: Abusive add-ons aren’t just a Chrome and Firefox problem. Now it’s Edge’s turn

2/5/2021: A 0-day, malicious extension, and sync abuse are keeping Google developers busy

and 3/1/2021: Is Your Browser Extension a Botnet Backdoor?


The elements to which you refer are dynamic. Yep, blocking an element effectively blocks that specific element — until it changes. I’ve found blocking a specific element doesn’t — overall — block Autoplay.

Unfortunately not. Thank you for your alternative solution, though. That’d be something I have to keep in mind.

I tried the autoplaystopper extension. It works. It freezes the video. Thanks.

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