Blocking ted talks? you've gone too far

I’m okay with BRAVE…until it starts nosing into my life.
Today’s blocking me from viewing a TED talk was unacceptable.
Tone it down a bit. Don’t Ever get in the way of me and TED talks.

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Apologies for late response @flashlight.

Can you elaborate more? Example site, your OS, your Brave version and screenshot of the issue will be really helpful for troubleshooting. :slightly_smiling_face:

All I can tell you is that I get a red/orange screen with text saying that Brave has supposedly detected that the site deals illegally with IDs or something, and is blocking it. That, of course, won’t do.
I’ve had to turn off the protective stuff Brave offers, so that I might view TED talks.

Has no one else reported this?? Amazing, if so.

99% sure you’re still using Muon. It’s an old version and lots of people using it have recently experienced this issue.
There was a big upgrade months ago that you probably missed.
When was your last update? Under “Brave” > “About” you can check if you’re running Muon or Chromium. If it’s still Muon, go to and get the latest release. With the new version, you will not have this issue anymore.

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I have to do something special to get upgrade/update of Brave???
Sheesh! I thought it was all automatic.

A cave-being I. I have less than zero interest in fooling with browsers. Phooey.

The switch from Muon to the new Chromium underpinnings is why the new download/install is required. Once you have the new Chromium-based Brave, it autoupdates. So if you download/install from as @BraveNew suggests and import your stuff from the old Brave, you should be good to go.

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