Blocking sites on the users end


I just have a quick question on the topic of blocking certain sites, not for malware or anything, but due to personal preference. I was just curious if there was any way to actually blacklist sites on my end and not have to get ip banned from the hosts POV. If there isn’t, then it would be a great addition. Thanks, and have fun!


@Moxort - There might theoretically be a way, depending on whether you want to avoid loading stuff from a site you don’t visit, or even avoid accidentally visiting a specific site. Theoretically.

Under Settings -> Shields you find a big button having “Manage Adblock Settings …” written on it. Click it and you can add or remove certain blocking lists. But there’s more: At the end of the page you find “Custom filters” and below that you can enter filter rules by hand. There you should (theoretically) be able to specify a rule to block a specific site.

I tried to set up a rule to block everything on/from - and failed. With my custom rule on, I can still surf to reddit and old.reddit, all images and videos load, tl;dr: The filter changed nothing.
I might have done something wrong. Or it may be that the blocking as implemented in Brave never blocks a site when its URL is in the address field of the browser. Or there’s a bug. Anyway, I failed to block reddit.

(Alas, I managed to block everything except a few specific sites in Firefox using Ublock Origin, with a very simple rule and some exceptions. Just saying. It may still be my fault to not getting it to work with Brave.)


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