Blocking "Private Browsing Mode"


It would be great to have the blocking private browsing feature.


hi, would you let me know what you mean by blocking ? best,


Having the ability to disable private mode browsing


it is disabled by default.


In Google chrome you can block private browsing by playing with the registry, essentially voiding the private mode. How can we do that for brave? I don’t want the option at all for private browsing to be utilized


That option is not implemented. I’ll forward the suggestion to the dev team.


Thank you! Let me know if it picks up any steam


Please do look into adding this feature! We use brave browser on our family computer and love it. My husband and I are looking for ways to “child proof” our shared pc in the living room , but have had to use google chrome with incognito disabled from the console :frowning:

If you know of any way to remove it woth commands in the meantime please do share!