Blocking inappropriate content (adult material)


Is there a customer filter antiporn? If not, how can one custom filter this type of objectionable content? Thanks


you could add the custom filter on about:adblock.


Hi, @godslove

I think your topic is very appropriate and essential for the brave team @suguru and the team to discuss further about this particular issue.

There are quite a few extensions which are being overlooked and being unintentionally deprecated that are relative to this particular topic.
I noticed that there are a couple that are specifically orientated around your suggestion but they’re not no longer maintained and suggestions have been made to such blockers as u BlockOrigin but have been closed and overlook.
I’m sure you’ll agree with me it’ll look slightly odd having a dedicated an extension in constant view like the one currently in the webstore, when it seems best if it were to be included as a behind the scene feature like ‘Prevent WebRTC from leaking…’ in uBlockOrigin.

So I would kindly ask @suguru to ask a member of the team working on blocking features to automatically include an ‘Anti-adult content’ feature in Manage Adblock Settings / about:adblock which is maintained and optimized overtime.
As for anyone wanting to view such content they’ll have to manually deselect the feature first. Personally, I think the feature should be pre-selected from the initial browser download.


if there is an adblock filter maintained well, we can consider to add the filter to enable it on about:adblock.


So can you or can you not add a filter on your end for us to select to block inappropriate adult material?


Currently we don’t have a plan to create the filter by ourselves.

If you know any maintained filter, please let us know so that we can add it to the list. If you don’t, open about:adblock and you can write the custom filter by yourself. Please refer to write it.


I think we need a well-maintained filter to block them effectively. CC @luke.mulks

To implement this seems to me more achievable:

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