Blocking ads/content manually with a right click


Hi there,
I recently switched to Brave and really love it. But there is something I miss from uBlock origin : the ability to manually block what appears on a website such as an ad zone or a section/content.

On uBlock Origin, you can right click on the content you wish to block and a slider appear to select at which “level” you want to block the source code. For exemple you can block just an element or the entire object including this element. It would be great to have this feature implemented in Brave.

For exemple, on Youtube, ads are blocked but on the homepage, at the top, there is a blank ad section. This feature would have let me block this annoying thing. It is also useful for some websites which have an “anti-adblock” protection.

Thanks for your good work! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Hi @happymarley,

I think this one will covered your request? Let me know if it’s not.