BlockFi Ads with the phrase "seen"

Some ads do not appear in the windows notification.
In particular, BlockFi ads are not notified.

they seem to be sponsored images, they appear in the new tab page every 4th ntp.

check here

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There is no sponsor image on the new tab page, it is active in the settings. It was flagged as having just seen ads again, but no ads are showing.

so, what you are saying that if you reload the ntp several times it will not show you any S.I?

Yes, I saw the sponsorship ad right now, I wouldn’t have noticed it if you didn’t inform it. I had to click on the little box at the bottom left.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to monetize ads. It must be a general nuisance.

ok, now I guess the blocfi ad didn’t appeared in your catalog right? if that’s the case, it is the reason it is not paying you

No, I didn’t realize it was an advertisement because the background was constantly changing. When you said that the ad was on the new tab, I looked through the page carefully and realized that we should click on the lower left box. My only problem right now is the non-payment, no advertisement pays. Windows notification, new tab and others. No gain.

In the meantime, whenever the BAT I earn is transferred to my wallet, will I experience any fee cuts, taxes, underpayments?

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