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Does anyone know where the stats of how many ads, trackers and https upgrades and also time saved is saved? :wink: I want to do a clean session but I also want to have my blocked count in that new session :+1:


Its all stored in the session-store-1 file. You can back up the file from %appdata%/brave. But replacing it on a new install still picks up all settings which might not be needed. You can manually edit the entries if you want (increase the count to what you have or what ever value you want :wink: )


Thanks but I looked through that file and I could not find where it saves the count that shows on the Dashboard :sweat_smile: @sriram


Search for these specific text
"httpsEverywhere":{"etag":"\"\"","lastCheckVersion":"","lastCheckDate":,"count":22} ,
"trackingProtection":{"etag":"\" \"","lastCheckVersion":" ","lastCheckDate": ,"count":12},
"adblock":{"etag":"\" \"","lastCheckVersion":" ","lastCheckDate": ,"count":13}"
and change the count manually


Thanks, Is “Estimated time saved” generated with those numbers?


Yup. Hope you have got back the stats :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help, indeed I did :smile:

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