Blocked countries, devalued BAT

Because of the countries you have blocked, BAT is now on its way to becoming a useless cryptocurrency. While 1 BAT was almost 1 dollar 1 year ago, now 5 Bat is trying to hold on to be equivalent to 1 dollar. It is a criticism of the idiotic decisions you make. If an official sees it, do not hesitate to forward it to the center as feedback. You have to win the population in the middle east, not a person in Norway. Norway doesn’t need BAT, but societies that resort to such ways of making money do. How wise is it to target countries with low minimum wages to the dollar and thwart them when you should win? More people means more investment. The value of the BATs I have is decreasing day by day. Wrong decisions taken should be prevented as soon as possible, otherwise the last crew on board will flee. Because the ship is sinking.


While I agree that blocking countries is generally a bad idea, you have to take into consideration that they as a company have to comply with rules and regulations. I don’t know what country you are from, but if it is on the sanctions and embargo list, BRAVE is probably not allowed to conduct business.

Or are you referring to the Wallets, like Uphold, Gemini, etc?

Aside from that, the entire Crypto Market is down since November 2021. Not just BAT. Actually, BAT is one of the very few that have been holding on a reliable and stable level around 0,30 USD.


yes, the decline has been stable for a long time.

The value of BAT or any other crypto token follows the law of demand/supply. If you have more people buying than selling, the price goes up. if you have more people selling than buying, the price goes down.
Based on that, your assumption is not correct. If more countries would be supported, there would be more people receiving BAT for free and thus more people selling it. The price would then go down unless there was a higher demand.
Actually, since few countries are supported, we have seen a slow recover in BAT price.

What would really make the price of BAT go up was if some utility would be offered. Which is not the case at the moment. Why would anyone hold BAT if you cannot even stake it?
I hope more projects come out that support payments in BAT. This way demand would increase.

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iam from thailand thank you very much

There has never been 10,000 BAT for $2. did you see it?

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