my firm has blocked for whatever reasons which is not cool tbh…

My questions is how the Ad polling actually works: does the Browser lookup or specific IP addresses? I hope that some backup IP addresses will be added otherwise the game is over for me :slight_smile:

Bypassing that could potentially have consequences. :smiley:

What I used to do with something like this is use a proxy to get to the site. I assume you want to download the browser? Then a proxy here is ok (otherwise not, google that if necessary). If the search term “proxy” is blocked on Google, use “pr0xy” (with a zero :wink: )

Hi, I just tried downloading through a proxy. I was familiar with surfing, but not whether downloads work with it.

Here are some instructions:
For my attempt I used the proxy of Hide my Ass (

  1. go to and download the setup
  2. change the name to Name.exe (the .exe is the important one)
  3. execute the file

If you have not set your computer to allow you to change the file extension (Windows 10):
Tip in the search “folder” or “Explorer options” and click on it
Change to “View” and uncheck “Hide extensions of known file types”.


Translated with

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