Blocked because of a suspicious activity


Have just received this message:

You have been blocked because of a suspicious activity. We are aware of that.

Never had anything like this before can anyone help ?

Site I am trying to use and use for reearch is

O/s Windows 10


Hi @lrh123,

Are you sure this is a Brave issue? I tried loading on Brave, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and received the same exact message. I tried it on several different networks with the same results as you. Doesn’t seem like a Brave specific issue.



Thanks for your reply… I wasn’t sure as I am only new to Brave… thought it strange. So thought I’d login and see.
And thanks for checking out the site… So I would be right in thinking the actual site is having problems.


Hi @lrh123,

Agreed. It seems like the site is having some issues. Thanks for checking in though, I really appreciate you letting us know in case this was a Brave issue :+1:

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