Block Social Media icons

The ability to block Social Media icons from all visited sites would be a big plus. Not all browser users need or want links to social media sites as they don’t use them. The icons remain when scrolling and block a good portion of the screen.

Hello @Rustywood

could you try to go to setting then Social media blocking then disable what you like there

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks for your reply. I have previously located Social Media Blocking on Brave in Windows 10 and utilised these settings. I cannot, however, find any similar settings to adjust in Brave on my Android device. Android/phone is where Social Media icons are most intrusive.

you welcome
and i agree with you that we should get the same experience and feature across all platform ios/android/desktop

hope they add it soon and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Its on the timeline. See the following ticket:

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thanks @fanboynz :slight_smile: