Block Service Workers

We want a setting (or flag or start-switch or policy) to block service workers.

Are you looking for a way to block notifications sent by service workers? Or are you trying to disable them entirely?

I believe you’re looking for the latter, in which case you can use the dev tools window for this if I recall correctly.

Open Dev tools (Menu --> More tools --> Dev tools) then navigate to Application --> Service Workers:

From here, you should be able to Unregister/Stop unwanted service workers.

Many thanks for the quick anwser.
With “block” i mean that no webpage can register any service worker.
You can see the Service Workers in the Application tab of Developer Tools or under the URL brave://serviceworker-internals.
There you can unregister (=delete) Service Workers.
Without any notification every webpage can register Service Workers.

You can block Service Wokers when you also block cookies.
We would appreciate it if we could block service workers without blocking cookies at the same time.

Firefox has a flag to block Service Workers.
There are several extensions that block service workers. But we do not want to install any extensions for it.