Block scripts whitelist editing (and other feedback)


Just some feedback and feature requests please:

I like to block scripts by default and then whitelist sites. It would be nice if you could either edit each site as it is whitelisted or just by default whitelist the entire top level domain. It is a pain to separately whitelist,, etc. Also it seems that sometimes the page gets reloaded when you whitelist, but not always.

The https everywhere doesn’t always redirect me to the https version of a site.

The dashboard should show something other than favicons for most visited sites.

Shift-command-N should open a new private browsing window.

I would like to switch the URL and tab bar locations.

I’ve written a couple of Chrome extensions for personal use. It looks difficult to add them to Brave.

I need a way to inject scripts into the current page. Like with Tampermonkey.

Overall I am liking this browser on android and OSX. Thanks!


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