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Hello Brave community,

A lot of adult websites or streaming sites contain scripts that automatically open a new tab when you click somewhere on the site, is it possible for the Brave browser to prevent new tabs from automatically being opened?

A lot of these pop up tabs are usually cam sites or “I made $50,000 a day and you can too!” junk but I’m worried they could also contain malware one day and because the tab opens automatically, there’s not much I can do to protect myself.

Disable scripts which automatically launch new tabs or windows by default but allow the option to toggle it on or off in the security tab.

This is a must needed addition and fits perfectly into the ad free experience Brave promotes. Thanks.


Similar issue is already reported. I’ve added a +1 on your behalf. You can track the issue here


Thank you.

It’s somewhat embarrassing though that your github issue was created on Oct 13, 2017 and has still not been dealt with.


There are some other higher priority items that we are currently working on. We assure you that these type of issues will be fixed. There is brave-core work going on which might solve this issue out-of-box. You can read more about brave-core here. But thanks for bring the issue to notice.


I’d like to add that even on other sites, many popups don’t get blocked. Here’s an example:

If you load up that page and click Play, a popup will come up. It doesn’t happen all the time on that web domain, but every now and then when they load up new ad scripts, sometimes they will have popups and none of them get blocked. I’ve had to move to Firefox with popup blocker plugin to get past.

No idea if it’s the same problem, but wondering if you guys could look into it!


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