Block notifications as a global default?

The default seems to be ‘ask’ and I’ve been blocking one by one.

How to make ‘block’ the default?
I’ve been searching the settings and not getting it.

Thank you.

@Meeker-Morgan SettingsPrivacy and securitySite and Shields SettingsNotifications (listed under Permissions area) → Don't allow sites to send notifications.

Or can just put in brave://settings/content/notifications to get to it quicker and make the selection. I keep it where they can ask.


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@Meeker-Morgan I just was seeing where you liked the reply and I was looking again. I don’t think it has any impact on Rewards but just be advised if you set it not to allow notifications, it might stop you from Rewards push notification ads. I’m only now thinking of it because I see where it says Features that need notifications won't work.

So yeah, if you do make that adjustment (I don’t feel like personally testing it), would be awesome if you could share results just as a confirmation either way.

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I have all the crypto stuff turned off anyway.
While I was at it I also saw how to do the same for location.
Thanks again.

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