Block Internet Search Query Terms - HTTP Request intercept

Executive Summary
Help home internet security and internet hygiene with browser capability to intercept queries to search engines . To aid parents in setting internet hygiene boundaries for children. To aid any user in setting internet hygiene for them selves. To aid home internet security by preventing return via HTTP Response of hyperlinks to websites that might prove potentially harmful.

To enable safe browsing of the internet particularly for vulnerable or at risk groups.

Note. The use case (UC) and UC realisations are a continuum of possible harms that may arise navigating the content of the internet.
Note. This is not to dismiss or diminish the many good things that may arise navigating the content of the internet.

Use Case : Block Search Query Terms
Description : Stop the browser forwarding to any internet search engine queries with specific embargoed terms.
Actors (home): Parents, Guardians, Person at Risk, Any User,
Actors (organisation/enterprise): CSO, Network admin,

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Suicide ideation
Description : researching ways of ending ones own life, …

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Self harming
Description : cutting, anorexia, body dysmorphia, bulimia, …

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Radicalisation
Description : political, ideological, religious, social contagion, …

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Social contagion
Description : conspiracy theory, material reality denial, anti vax, …

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Addiction
Description : drugs, gambling, pornography, digital games, …

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Internet rabbit holes
Description : clickbait, search algorithmic hostage taking, …

Use Case Realisation : Block Search Query Terms - Information Security
Description : spyware, trojan horses, malware, keyboard tracking, AI deep fakes, AI bots, robocalls, …

Others use case realisations to list.

Exceptional flows applying to all use case realisations.
Exceptional flow: Emergency services, always available, never blocked/embargoed, ambulance, fire, police, …
Exceptional flow: Health care, not sure how to handle this, in case of national health service like NHS somewhat easier. DublinCore metadata?
Exceptional flow: A n others? …

External file or internal store, not unlike filters, to hold a catalogue of embargoed terms/words/phrases
Http Request intercept to stop search results being sent.
Browser configuration to activate deactivate capability.

External file store, like hosts file, that could be picked up by all browser in use on the host machine, desktop or phone.
Or by reference to internet resource('s) in browser configuration.
Or by store in browser, like filters, in browser configuration.

Terms entered into either the search field or into the browser address bar/URL bar/location bar.

Terms that are to be sent to an internet search engine. Request to search engine might also be in web sites/internet applications. Ideally these would be intercepted too.

The internet can be a dangerous place and some bad actors. Notwithstanding the great achievement the internet and world wide web is.

Online individual crises particularly mental health related. Online social crises particularly social contagion. Part of both is the corrosive effects of erosion of trust in authority and democratic institutions.

Mainstream twenty-four hour broadcast news, weather, opinion, cycle tends to negative events; war, famine, political disorder, natural disaster, . ‘If it bleads it leads’.

Online social media disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theory, clickbait, political bias, political interference, algorithms rewarding negative emotion to maintain engagement and attention, hyperbole, … commentary on mainstream news media.

Mainstream news catastrophe cycle + online social media mis/dis information cycle = individual mental health crises & social crises.

Internet ecosystem = demand side + supply side.

Demand side search. Find content resource. Individual end user centric, request based. Device mac address. server side; Index, algorithms, user data profile, … . client side; browser/app, configuration, default service choice, .

Supply side internet content. Originate & publish content resource. Organisation enterprise centric, response based. Domain name space IP address. server side; file rwed read write execute delete, data crud create read update delete, . client side; browser/app, interpret, render, .

Demand side content consumption + supply side content products. Requires de jure global information management policy, and de facto individual information governance browser native capability

Demand side types of interaction, e-commerce, mostly C2B, C2C, C2A. Supply side types of interaction, e-commerce, mostly B2C, B2B, B2A. It is C2B and B2C where most of the concerns arise regarding information asymmetry for individual end users in most interactions. In social media C2C of C2M, M as AI bot, and M2C is where information asymmetry is most prevalent.

Information asymmetry and caveat emptor. An useful analogy would be the patient doctor/scientist/organisation relationship and the Nuremberg Code in medical and scientific practice. Which puts the focus on individual patient rights/protections in clinical or research or like events. A similar < some-term, technology/digital user/subject/actor/agent/? > Code is needed for the individual internet user and buyer/seller/organisation relationship. Which puts the focus on individual user rights/protections.

Article 7 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966)

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.”

Buyers remorse is not factored in. Humanity as lab rat experimental subjects in the digital revolution. TANSTAFL and ‘free’ services provided by big tech.

The rational actor is a fallacy. It also presupposes perfect information. This in itself is impossible. It is why domain specialists exist in the first place in our complex anthropogenic ecosystems. Specialists are in all fields precisely to deal with the information asymmetry concern and related information asymmetry competencies in post. Information asymmetry is built into the complex anthropogenic system of systems environment. Information asymmetry and change management in exponential technological change and Moor’s Law as an exemplar.

To reduce harm to all people while searching the internet. With particular respect to vulnerable and at risk individuals and groups.
To respect freedom of thought and expression. Does not restrict freedom of expression or freedom of thought for anyone. Publish and be damned.
To enhance freedom of choice including what not to consume. Does provide freedom of choice in what to encounter when navigating the internet for everyone.
To counter search algorithmic capture hostage taking. People who searched for A - the original search criteria - also searched for B - algorithmic suggestions leading users down an internet rabbit hole.
To counter misinformation and disinformation and propaganda by bad actors.
To aid digital hygiene and information security in an increasingly insecure world.

Eventually a standard/specification which is adhered to by all reputable browsers and apps. The public will have de facto vote on topic of concern. That is browser 's implementing ability to block internet search query terms as browser user numbers.

The will to push back against the status quo.
The will to push back against vested interests.
Exceptional flows, some things like emergency services will have always to be available for search.

Large requirement particularly from parents of young and teenage children.
Demand side - blocking internet search query terms. Individual parties gamed caught in the moment. Rabbits in the algorithmic headlights.
Supply side - blocking domain names, for example in hosts file. Some unintended consequence. Some bad actors. Parties, organisations and individuals, gaming online content. Purposeful creation of rabbit holes to trap the unwary . To mix metaphors human internet traps akin to web crawler spider traps.

Abuse of capability by authoritarian/controlling minded individuals or organisations or regimes.
Reinforces online and social echo chambers and acts to further polarise and balkanise and atomise society. However search algorithms are already creating online echo chambers which reinforce social echo chambers. Search algorithms can be and are gamed by bad actors.
A cascade of parties seeking exceptions and exemption from search term embargo.

HTTP Request intercept

Parse outgoing http request for service that will end up as an internet search by default. If the http request contains embargoed terms stop the request from being sent to the search engine and return message 'search term < some-term > is blocked ’ or similar curtesy message.

The contents of the page do not change.

Limit predictive search and autocomplete to exclude embargoed terms. And synonyms in aggressive browser settings search management option.

Humanity as a species is maladapted to existence in the twenty-first century digital information and communications revolution.

The neuromodulators are purposefully gamed
Serotonin - risk, social
Dopamine - reward, unexpected

Keeping individual trapped in sedentary online life. Lack of exercise leads to poor mental health due in part to deficit in myokines.

myokine - small proteins in muscle secretum generated from exercise.

Algorithms promoting negative emotion to maximise engagement. Fight or flight response activated with fear which promotes anger. Both fear and anger leading to cognitive dissonance, mistrust, alienation, division, despair, pathological altruism, and so on. Negative emotion generating stress and anxiety leading to sleeplessness, depression, addiction, poor diet, and so on. Technology sensory disruption and attention capture and disruption to social interaction. Noise -alerts, alarms, reminders, beeps, ring tones, and so on. Blue light - cycadean rhythms, sleep, rest . Negative physiological outcomes due to cortisol and other biomolecular by products of stress and anxiety. Poor mental health and physical health outcomes. Engagement input and output IO and throughput T. Input consuming content. Throughput learning content. Output generating content. Corrupted learning - knowledge, epistemic - cycle due to emotion led - fast, inductive, - IO process. Positive feedback loop, incremental, IO process. The need to keep checking in to monitor actual threats and perceived threats and threat levels as a consequence of IO process. Negative consequences, incremental, physiological and psychological promoting recursive engagement cycle.

Search is akin to pulling the leaver on a one armed bandit. The results returned by varying the search term, even slightly, the the reels the lists of items returned, the fruit the items to be selected. The dopamine hit the unexpected match to expectations. Often displaying items in threes matching the search term in categories of content; in the news, videos, sometimes images, and so on. The spinning page refresh with new result sets and then scrolling up and down the list of items returned. Currency personal search data profiles. Cost time and user data privacy.

Individual isolation and social atomisation and longtail global multi polar antipathy in group balkanisation.

Stress and anxiety responses from living in a digital environment to which humanity is maladapted and mental health and social consequences. Positive feedback loops, incrementally increasing, with negative consequences, incrementally increasing.

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