Block doesn't work on Facebook

Hi all

I’m trying to block Facebook website, but it still loads.

1º I’ve blocked it manually on Stettings > Site and Shields Settings > Pop-ups and redirects, and I added it, I also blocked it on JavaScript, Cookies and site data, etc. But when I google it, it still loads.

2º I’ve blocked it with right click > block element via selector but nothing, it still loads.

Am I doing something wrong or the block methods doesn’t work ??

For websites that auto-detect my Brave AdBlock, I have to press F12, run Devs > Click on " Request blocking " before I play the video.

So, why doesn’t work, and is there any mothod or way to do this things automatically ??

Thanks !

I’m confused – are you trying to block any/all access to period? Such that nobody can even visit the page?

Exactly, because if I block Facebook, websites can’t collect my info through mParticle, and Facebook ads. But If a website detects my adblocker, the only way I can still block them is trough Dev

If you’re trying to avoid Facebook tracking you:

  • Avoid visiting Facebook directly
  • Block Facebook via brave://settings/socialBlocking
    (or enable all 4 of them).

Facebook tracking will come from 3rd-party sites, outside of facebook,com directly. Note, it’ll break some Facebook comments/logins on most sites.

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