Block Autoplay by default

The original Brave-instruction are to old & anyway, the (Block Autoplay) features non extensive enough (like in Falkon-browser). On top of this, the “block autoplay” is to interlaced, see following:

/Privacy and security
/Site and Shield Settings
/Additional permissions/Autoplay
/Block sites from autoplaying videos

i have used “Enhance Youtube” (addon) just for this reason, but this addon don’t works anymore in Brave.

Please consider that if the Brave-process ist stopped, e.g. pkill brave or “Logout” or [Win-key + L]… when restarted, all videos are connected to INET, download data & play sound = even auto-reload pages should be deactivated by default.

my conviction is= avoid as much as possible external app/addons.

can you please consider these (my) requests?

thanks in advance & best regards.