Block all social media buttons


Social media buttons such as Facebook like buttons will track you around the internet. Facebook has already been caught in many privacy scandals and will track you REGARDLESS of wether or not you have an account. Therefore I am proposing that we add a setting that lets us block social media buttons from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, ect.


cc: @brian for thoughts


I agree with this, but I was assuming that Brave was preventing social media from tracking us (if we do not have social media accounts). Is this not true?


We currently allow logging in as Facebook / Google accounts but we’ll be adding in the ability to block even that via preferences. It’s being tracked here:


There should DEFINITLY be a preference for blocking social media buttons. It will make surfing the web safer and faster.


Not just to brian i guess but…do you guys have thought of releasing an OS System for computers? And also a social media website for gathering and such?

What worries me is not the information gathered per se, but that these social media that we know, and many programs and OS’s, is that they are deliberately unethical…This is extremely weird, in a non-good way…am i right?



“…and faster.” <— And this; Surfing the web is becoming ridiculous, it’s extremely slow…

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