Blank box next to the sidebar function when mouseover is enabled


I would like to see this problem removed when hovering the mouse over the sidebar. A blank box appears that when you shrink the window all it does is obstruct the view. Maybe it is a field for other tabs, but the version where this sidebar is on all the time works without this field. Maybe it is also a bug just for me, but then the version with the sidebar enabled all the time would rather have this field too.

In short, when the function of hovering the mouse to launch the sidebar is enabled, a blank box appears that takes up a lot of space and its disappearance does not work smoothly enough to be invisible and not spoil the comfort.

PS: I’ve seen similar topics, wouldn’t a button that ejects this table be a solution.

Why can it only be stretched and not tapered. i want to be able to at least taper it so that it doesn’t bother me