Blank Ad in website

Description of the issue:
Bank ad Space

Exact URL of the website in question:

Brave version (check About Brave):
1.56.20 Chromium: 115.0.5790.171 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@fanboynz can you please check this?

Should be fixed already?

@fanboynz not fixed. Still showing the same black ad space

Switch to aggressive mode in shields?

Allready in aggressive mode @fanboynz

@fanboynz I just tested with my Samsung Galaxy S9 running Brave 1.57.50. I’m able to see something similar to what @Saksham9 did, except I’m not seeing the side ads.

I was curious about the gray box so I turned off Shields and it became a video ad. So Shields at least is blocking the ad. I’m lagging behind on memory and awareness here, do we have the capabilities on Android for procedural filters or whatever that would be able to hide the blank space?

And yeah, tested with aggressive shields, fanboy annoyances, ublock annoyances, etc. Also made sure to do an update to everything at brave://components but seemed good.

Worked here tbh.

Ah, ok. I went with the one they intially shared, which is:

I tried to do a screenshot but wouldn’t let me, so here’s a picture instead.

It didn’t matter if you have it in English or Hindi, it has that blank space as you can see on the screen.

I tried navigating to various articles and they are all the same with the grayed out area. Could it be the difference between and your

@fanboynz the ad is not on but on see the link I have shared above.

We can only fix english sites in Easylist. Non-english would be handled via a regional filterlist

Any suggestions on how people can try to contact anyone for a regional list? I mean, is there any good place to try to reach out to people to make those requests or places where there may be solid filterlists for the various regions (if not already listed under content filters)?

Also, is this another request we should be making? To have more people brought on to help with the various regions? lol

Means a user of the brave browser will see ads on all regional sites?

This is a bad user experience.

Not necessarily. As you can see, the ads are blocked. But not necessarily perfect cosmetic filters or anything. There are limitations based on language and all. It’s not a simple or easy job.

That said, I’m about to test with some of the other filters available and see if any of them help. There is one there called IndianList but I don’t know if it will have this site handled. But you just have to look through filters at brave://adblock to enable or if you can find good regional lists, you can add custom lists.

Is Indian list in brave://adblock enabled?

I have now enabled the Indian list, and now it’s working fine.

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Most ads are covered by the default English list, but also not every ad is blocked on some regions. If we included every region to cover every language, in our default lists would be 20x larger and cause performance issues no doubt.

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