Blacklist for everything brave misses


I installed the brave android on my new android tv box, and the one thing that is overwhelmingly obvious is that you just can’t catch every annoying popup/under advertising or phishing tab… so why not just include a blacklist? I would find it far less frustrating if I could save a list of the addresses for the ‘warning malware detected’ PHISHING pages that lock out user input like this one (I assume it is detecting the successful brave ad suppression and calling it malware).

Also, (just noticed in the above address) block any address with “#preventclose” because it just causes a freeze up requiring a reboot.
It would be super awesome if you could also send a brutal DNS attack upstream whenever the address is triggered just to stick it to 'em - but I know that’s just asking too much. I knew a Phreaker once that told me he could melt a ma bell telephone in 15 seconds with tone triggered power surges - I sure wish someone would go after the phishing ‘call us immediately to fix your computer’ A-Holes vigilante style so they have to start replacing hardware…
This time of year I always think ; Why hasn’t Microsoft taken out a Super Bowl ad & dispel any notion that calling the numbers on these pages will get you to a Microsoft employee… then maybe they would go away.