Blackboard blocking mic/cam; even when set to allow

I used Blackboard last semester with no problem. Now when I’m in the classroom, I get a prompt that says I have the mic and camera set to block. However, they are not set to block, they are set to allow and so are the settings in the computer. The mic and camera work in every other application that use them like FaceTime, WebEx, MS Teams, Zoom.

I’ve tried every combination of setting. I had Blackboard walk me through it as well. I tried it one Firefox, Chrome and Brave. Still doesn’t work. Emptied all caches, even ones on the computer not just browsers. Updated to Big Sur (this is what Apple and Blackboard said the problem was.

Here is a screenshot of what’s happening.

Could be related too But I can’t test blackboard. Happy to test other (more accessible) microphone apps to test it

I would reset the web permissions. and “Allow” Camera and Mic for the site specifically. Then refresh.

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