Black window after installation


I would love to run this browser, after seeing the video (awesome video by the way) (I’m sick of Chrome high system resources usage)

I have a Windows 7 Home Pro

All my software installs although because I’m a video editor I manage my system resources and I fined tuned my start up services and disabled many services that might have had to do with the black windows only that appears. Truth be told it also might have nothing to do with the installation as every other program installs correctly, this is the first time I have seen a program not running in my computer.


Hi @FernandoAcevedo

Can you let me know if this is what you’re seeing:

Or, if you’re just seeing a black screen with no symbol.



Hey Luke thanks for your support, this browser is very exciting and sexy, it’s an answer prayer. This is truly innovative and I’m confident it will revolutionize the world if proper marketing strategies are used. Anyways I see the black window with NO WHITE ICON on the middle, just plain black window. Thanks again Luke!


NO white little box on the middle, only the black window


Hi @FernandoAcevedo,

Thanks for the info regarding the black screen.

We pushed an update last night, v0.15.1.

If you haven’t already updated to that version, could you please update (main menu / help / check for updates…) and see if the update has resolved the issue?

Let me know if you have already tried on v0.15.1, and are still experiencing the issue.

If you’re uncertain which version is installed or if you have v0.15.1 installed and are still experiencing the issue, we can investigate further if you do the following:

  • Enter about:brave into the URL bar to see which version is installed.

  • Copy and paste the info from the about: brave page into a response on this thread.

From that info, we can attempt to reproduce from the same profile settings and get this routed properly (if the issue still exists with v0.15.1)



Hi Luke, I have to admit that this is very exciting. It did work. Should I
install latest flash player?


No browser support import data for firefox or Opera, only Chrome?


Under Settings, you should be able to import from other browsers in addition to Chrome.

Let me know if this doesn’t work for you:

Re: Flash player
If you have the Flash player enabled, it’s strongly recommended that you use the latest version. Flash is one of the plugins where staying up to date is especially important.


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