Bitwarden Vault Disappeared from Brave Browser Extension

I’m a free user (of Bitwarden), so I’ve only used Bitwarden on PC (using Brave browser extension). I tried doing it on my phone but it was blank, so I only ever put my Amazon password on the app. Used Bitwarden only on PC, because phone and PC don’t sync.

On Feb 14th, 2024, I joined a school Wifi and when I opened brave. I’ve used this Wifi before with no issues with Bitwarden. I also used Bitwarden on my PC from home that same day without any issues/

Login was a bit different, had to enter email, usually it remembers that.

Entered Email and Password.

I enter successfully, blank except my amazon password. I no longer can see any of my other passwords entered into my PC vault. Even at home.

Is this an issue with Brave Browser or Bitwarden?

Can I recover the data by resetting my browser?

Did an update somehow sync the two vaults and override my PC vault?

Could the wifi at school had some setting that reset my Bitwarden extension?

How do I get my passwords back? I still remember my login info for Bitwarden, but I’m now locked out of the associated email.

I don’t believe I was accessing the web vault before, maybe I was self-hosting on Brave. I’m not actually sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!


It’s doubtful. In fact, resetting tends to increase the likelihood of you erasing information you want or in causing issues. In fact, you could even try doing this on a new browser profile on your desktop as a test to see if anything changes. But most likely it would see the same thing.

Possibly? Not sure if you ever used different accounts or anything. But this would be completely through Bitwarden since you’re speaking of data used on Bitwarden.

Again, you have to go through Bitwarden. Brave would not have any type of access to any of that information or your accounts.

But you were 100% on Bitwarden? Nothing was in Brave’s saved passwords?