Bitwarden update & default setting


As I see here Bitwarden extension update please! bitwarden is not getting updated regularly.
In the first place I am OK with that and really love to use Brave. Currently I am using Brave Dev and Brave Developer. Both are excellent.

But I have some doubts/questions.
Brave only has limited number of extensions and not allowing extensions from chrome webstore to be installed (although there is a tedious way to do it) for security concerns. So it is better if extensions for password managers like bitwarden are up-to-date.
Second request is- on chrome, bitwarden’s default option is to lock itself on restart so that even if one close the browser while using bitwarden it gets locked out on closing the browser. But in Brave the default option is “never” that means once bitwarden is logged in, it never logs out even if the browser is closed. This needs to be addressed for me.


I do not know why extensions are not getting updated. I’am really hoping for bitwarden to get updated. Really wish some basic attention can be applied :slight_smile:

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