Bitwarden extension update please!


Hi there Brave folks,

The current Bitwarden extension version 1.19.1 available on Brave browser, is outdated, please update it to the latest version which is 1.22.0.


Bitwarden update & default setting

Thanks for the feedback @heiyomofo.

Cc-ing @sampson on this (re: update bitwarden extension version) :slight_smile:



Any update on this? It is important for the bitwarden extension to be updated for security reasons.



Version 1.23.0 is out. Is there any way that, as a user, I can update extensions on my own?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your reply. It has taken a long time (> 2 weeks) just to update the extension, why is this so? Is there any way a user can update extensions independently? It’s disappointing that things are moving real slow here.

CC: @sampson


A Bitwarden developer has opened an issue on GitHub for v1.22.0, although no contact from brave developers unfortunately. You can view it here

The current version is now v1.23.0. Really hope this gets some attention.

All the best!

Why I stopped using Brave

This is a significant ongoing issue for me as well - there are several Bitwarden features that are not present in the version bundled with Brave, as Bitwarden is still in a very active stage of its development.

Even if there are no immediate plans to update this extension, letting us know that would be very helpful.


I already gave up and will wait a later release. Its a shame, I was really looking forward to this browser.


v0.20.29 is out. Still no update to bitwarden, or any other extensions for that matter :frowning: FYI, bitwarden is working on a desktop app, so we don’t have to rely on browser support. So there is some good news for us at least.


I sought out this ticket before posting my own. Brave’s bundled version of Bitwarden is still 1.19.1 despite Bitwarden 1.24.0 now available for other platforms. From the history of this post it looks like the Bitwarden dev is anxious to update Brave’s bundled extension because it comes with some great feature updates.

Keeping Brave’s bundled version of Bitwarden on such an old version for an extended amount of time seems discourteous to Bitwarden’s developer and users as it creates a wrong impression of Bitwarden’s current functionality and prevents users from enjoying current versions of their favorite password manager and their favorite browser :slight_smile:


Me too man… If they can’t do such a simple thing I can’t trust them for the more complex issues.

Finally uninstalled and replaced with Opera :slight_smile:


@heiyomofo @heymatt @hyam @OldJackHinson @ChillyHellion I’m sorry for the inconvenience for slow extensions update. Currently Brave team need to test the new version manually before pushed the update. And if I’m not wrong, the extensions should get updated now.

Did you mind to check again? :slight_smile:


Nothing yet, but I’ll keep checking. Thank you for following up on this!


I just installed the latest Brave update and was hoping that Bitwarden would be updated too, but it’s still really out of date - current version is now 1.25.3, but Brave is still stuck on 1.19.1. The lack of up to date extensions is going to be the reason I switch away from using Brave…


We understand Brave is still in beta or alpha stage. version 1.0 is still not out yet.

But since Brave is the most secured browser among all, I expect these addons which handle passwords should be up to date not for new features but for security.

Thanks Brave team.


Using Brave 0.22.667
Installed Bitwarden Version 1.25.5

As of April 19, Bitwarden updated to 1.26.3.
And the new update is very nice looking and smoother.

Please regularly update the extensions.


confirming: Brave v0.22.669 continues with Bitwarden v1.25.5 while the current Bitwarden version is 1.26.3

Considering that use of Bitwarden is inextricably related to security, it sure would be nice to have the most up-to-date version installed.


Bumping this topic. Brave is stuck at Bitwarden v1.25.5 (released March 2018). Bitwarden’s most recent release is v1.26.5. It sure would be nice if security-related browser extensions were kept up to date.


Please update the Bitwarden extension.


I’d like to add my voice to the requests for an updated version of Bitwarden. I’m new to Brave and want to make it my default browser but I’m unwilling to do that until I can actually use a fully functional Bitwarden extension as it’s my default password manager.

My recently installed Bitwarden extension is Bitwarden v1.25.5, and it cannot sync - I really need that functionality.