Bitwarden autofill feature on iOS 12



The autofill feature that bitwarden just launched on iOS doesn’t work in the Brave iOS browser. It does work in the Safari iOS browser.


This issue has not been resolved in Brave iOS version 1.6.5.


Hello, autofill for Bitwarden has been in Brave iOS since it was originally added. We currently do not leverage the iOS 12 APIs, and use our own autofill. This will change, but not until version 1.7. When selecting a username or password field on a website, there is an icon that appears above the keyboard to open Bitwarden autofill (or any other 3rd party password manager we support).


I was referring to the iOS 12 autofill feature. Looking forward then to version 1.7.
In general, it is not clear to me how the new Brave Browser Beta version will affect iOS versions. A bit more communication on this would be helpful.


What about the iOS 12 feature do you feel is lacking in Brave implementation of password autofill?

We always have a Brave Browser Beta version, 1.7 is just another version improvement, similar from going from 1.5 to 1.6. Almost all of the changes are internal improvements. You will mostly see speed and stability advancements.

If you have a mac, you can install Xcode (from the app store), clone, and compile the 1.7 project and see any potential changes there.


@joel: “What about the iOS 12 feature do you feel is lacking in Brave implementation of password autofill?”
Compared with Safari (iOS12), logging in with Bitwarden on Brave (iOS12) takes many more taps.

@joel: “We always have a Brave Browser Beta version”
My question was actually about the desktop Brave Browser Beta and how that relates to the mobile experience. Will the new Chromium-based brave browser when it launches later this month, also affect the iOS browser? Will you enable new iOS features like session tabs, shared Brave Payment wallets, shared bookmarks, etc.?


@vdb brave-core (the Beta version) likely will not related to iOS version because iOS version is using Webkit not Chromium. But AFAIK it’ll changed when its moving from UIWebView to WKWebView.

Not sure about sessions tab for iOS version but sync both for bookmarks and Brave Payments wallet is also planned for iOS (along with Android version too).


@vdb Thanks for your feedback. @eljuno has answered those questions spot on.

About session tabs, we’ve considered doing something similar on iOS, but will be sticking with normal v private tabs for the immediate future, as we have a lot of other priorities right now (e.g. sync).


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