not working in brave

It used to work just fine. Tried with shields on and then off.
Then, recently, I saw

and got an email with a link, clicked it, and saw

I’ve asked bittrex support, they advise a different browser.

Anyone know why this is happening?

work on windows computer

I can get to that page too.

It’s logging in that’s the issue. Says on I’m a new device, which I’m not. Sends verification email, which I get and click on link. Says Device Verification Failed.

Test in Private window mode @apachewolf

thanks for the suggestion. Still not working.

1st tab, in private window, I see:
“Signing in from something new? Verify your email address.”

I get email, copy and paste into private window within a few minutes, and then see:

“Device Verification Failed
Please note that you must access the email within 30 minutes using the same browser session on the same device you are trying to verify.”

Used to work before.

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