Bitdefender Blocks Brave Connection


I got the following alert from Bitdefender on my PC.

“The application brave.exe accesses a web resource that has been detected as infected. The web resource has been successfully blocked and your PC is now safe.”

Any idea why this was blocked? What’s it for?


Not sure, but I’d bet @luke.mulks might want to know about it :smiley:

If it really is infected, that site should be blocked by default inside of Brave.


Thanks @Alex, and thanks for reporting @Bespoke!

Was the message shown when you were booting up Brave, or from a particular domain when you were browsing?

We’ll investigate and follow up.


Brave had been running and I was opening a new browser.

I’ve been having to use two browsers lately since some forums won’t let me upload pics via Brave. (Simply won’t work)

When the other browser was being used I got the prompt from my Bitdefender.


This is probably due to the strict settings of firewall on Bitdefender post signature update. Bitdefender has a very strict block policy of ports as well, compared to other AV’s, which sometimes blocks certain applications to connect to the update server. I have had these type of problems before on Bitdefender.

@Bespoke what settings do you have for firewall policy on Bitdefender?


The settings are on autopilot.


Running Bitdefender Total Security 2017 here & have encountered no similar issues. FWIW. Win7 Pro 64b & Win10 Pro 64b.

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