Bitcoin transfer from Coinbase has not arrived in my Brave wallet


Hello, I realize that this has been recently discussed, but it seemed the other guy’s problem was with 2 separate Brave browsers not syncing their wallets. In my case, I’m using a singular Brave browser that doesn’t seem to be receiving a transfer.

imgur mirror:

imgur payment preferences screen:

I’m not sure how to proceed, and I’m a little worried. If the BTC funds are showing up on the servers I politely would just like them refunded for the time being, thank you.

Edit: I’ve sent @mrose a message and am still awaiting a response. This topic is locked so I will use this edit to reply to the following:

I was under the impression that in the Brave browser at “about:preferences#payments” it would give me some indication that I had made a successful deposit, all the information the browser gives me is 0 USD and “Your account balance is under your budget for this month. Please add funds.”

I’m what you might consider an average end user here. I’m somewhat familiar with blockchain and bitcoin, but in the grand scheme of things I’m still pretty much a newb. I am really interested in the project and wanted to be an early adopter of the platform. Please, I’m politely either misunderstanding how deposits work in Brave, or something has gone wrong and my funds are not showing up in in the “about:preferences#payments” section.

At this time I’m thinking that I want to wait to deposit funds until the payments platform is finished, and again if there is any possibility of returning the bitcoin it would be greatly appreciated.


Please contact @mrose per (Solved) Bitcoin Withdrawal


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@cobs - just so i understand: i see your transaction on the blockchain – – why do you think that the BTC is not in your brave wallet – ?