Bitcoin Payments - where did my money go?


I am just beginning to try Brave Bitcoin payments. I administer three websites. I (for now) usually use Firefox, not Brave. So I funded a Brave wallet for $US 5, verified my three websites, and visited them several times, for plenty of time, using Brave. I expected to see my $US 5 come back to myself, more or less, since I was hardly visiting anything else using Brave, and since I had disabled Brave payments to most of what else I did visit using Brave.

Through the end of December, the Brave -> Shields -> Brave Payment screen was showing about one half of my monthly $5 going to the primary site I administer, and the other half split between my other two sites and a few other sites that I had visited briefly, with Brave Payments enabled. That made sense, given what I had done.

In the end of the month, my screen for my main site told me to expect $US 1.60 (why not at least half of the $US 5 I was donating, as a client donor?!?), with lesser amounts expected on my publisher’s screen for the other two sites. The other half of my $US 5 was not designated at all ??

Now I have just received payment to my bitcoin addresses for the three verified sites I administer. I did not get the nearly $US 5 total that I expected for my three sites (plus whatever might have come from other innocent users of these sites using Brave with payments enabled)

I did not even get the $US 1.60 plus some I had been expecting, based on my three publisher screens.

Rather I got 1.60 mBTC, which is about $US 0.16, total, from my three sites. $US 0.16 is a far cry from $US 5.00, give or take.

Where did my $US 5 monthly donations go … why am I only getting about 3% of that, when it was almost entirely my own sites that I donated to?

I have been promoting Brave some already on the main site I administer, and expected to do so some more, both because Brave looks like a well thought out alternative to current browsers in multiple ways, and because a little additional income stream to the main site I administer would be nice.

But if only 3% of the donated amount flows back to the publishers, and if the other 97% is unaccounted for, and if what apparent accounting does occur is way off the mark … well … I’ve have to make sense of that first.


can you email me at with some particulars? e.g., the publishers that you expected to get paid along with the CSV file that you can download after clicking on “View Payment History…”

that would be very helpful for me to look into it – i’m not sure what’s going on in this case: if i exclude bitcoin network fees and the brave 5% fee, then the percentages to the publishers should be a lot higher…



i should have put a screenshot of the “View Payments History…” link and pop-up. here they are:


After working with the good folks at Brave, we figured out that I did not realize that there are two, distinct, calendars involved.

As a typical Brave browser user who has enabled Payments, payments (“contributions”) are made every 30 days, beginning 30 days from the time I started browsing with payments enabled (assuming my Brave wallet has the bitcoin funds available to “contribute”, at that time). I started browsing in Brave wiith Payments enabled on Dec 18, so on Jan 17, if the $5 monthly contribution that I chose to pay out each month is available, then that $5, in Bitcoin, will be taken from my Brave wallet and credited to the various Brave verified website publishers that I have visited.

As a Brave publisher, running my own websites that other Brave users might choose to visit, I will receive my payments for each Brave verified website at the end of the month (or perhaps the first day of the next month, in the case of holidays such as New Years Eve.)

It was these two, out of phase, calendars that had me confused.


Suggestion for refinement of interface:

-Always- have the “Payment History…” option showing, just below the Add Funds button, even if the payment history so far is empty.

Then if someone asks for their Payment History before they have made any payments, explain on the next screen that they have not yet made any payments (aka “contributions”) to the sites they have visites so far, and if it has been less than 30 days since they first enabled Payments, tell them the date on which their first payment will be made (if funds are available in their Brave wallet to fund that payment)

Also, beware of the use of two different words, Payments and Contributions, for what are either the same thing, or closely related things. A good user interface should always use exactly one word for one thing (Pythonic, nor Perl-like “There is more than one way to name it.”)

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