Bing sign in not working

While i’m glad it’s working for you – the issue capturing data on this is still open:

Are you able to visit, login and remain logged into Bing in Brave with default Shields settings?

Need to disengage brave shield on

Even if the shield is ON in any of these pages Bing sign in will not work.

@Mattches - I have the same experience as @nellaiseemai. I can sign in with shields down but not if they are up. After I signed in, I put shields back up and so far I have stayed signed in.

I’m also having the same issue, I’m running the latest version, 0.67.125 of brave and I’ve disabled shields on both Microsoft and Bing sites yet I still can’t sign in.

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Having the same issues. Dosen’t matter if shields are on our off. Can’t get signed in.

Have you tried this…

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Weird…I tried it again and now it works!

  1. Cleared Cookies
  2. went to both and and disabled shields.
  3. was able to get logged in.

@nellaiseemai Thanks!

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