Bing sign in not working

Just wanted to keep this alive and see if there had been any updates. I still cannot sign into Bing on Brave.

Wanted to keep this thread active.

Anyone find any solution for this issue?

I still have the same issue as before.

@Mattches any work around for this? or not yet?

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Not yet but it is set to P2 priority – just pinged a few devs about it to see if I can get a timeframe for the fix. Thank you all for your patience!

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@Mattches - did you happen to hear back regarding a timeframe for the fix?

Thank you for bumping this, I always appreciate the reminder – too many threads to track!
Exact date not yet available, but it has moved from P2 backlog --> In progress on the project board.

You’ll likely see this fix reflected in the next update but that’s just my assumption.

I’ll try and set a reminder to update this thread as the issue moves down the pipeline. And if I forget, please bug me about it :slight_smile:

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@LazerPanther @braveac @DesertRambler @scpater @Rom8Q
Check with latest brave nightly. It looks like Bing sign in is working. Although the counter keeps running sometimes the name is not showing up.


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@nellaiseemai - what version are you on? Brave says I’m up-to-date but I still can’t sign into Bing.

I’m on Version 0.64.77 Chromium: 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

latest Brave Nightly… got updated today again to this…
Version 0.68.22 Chromium: 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

Ah, I didn’t know Brave Nightly was beta builds; I just thought you were checking for updates nightly. I’ll have to try it out on my personal computer when I get home.

I’m glad it wasn’t just me! Thought I was going mad!

Good to see this was reported because I’ve only just switched over to Brave (and loving it!) but still want to collect my sweet, sweet Bing Reward points!

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Try using Brave nightly. It works for me on Win 10. Let me know what you see.

Off-topic; but if I download the nightly, do I have to reinstall Brave and all my extensions or does it just install it over my current install?

It is a separate install. It installs fresh Brave nightly. You have to add all your add ons later. Plus for the bing sign in you have to disable brave shield.

I had this same issue turning shields off didn’t help until I did it not only on sign in but also when it took me to the sign in page.

Turn off shields on both then when you sign in it goes through smoothly, at least for me it did, hopefully this helps.


@Mattches @braveac

@kitcat is correct.
Turn off brave shield in and websites. Now Bing works with rewards.

Probably this works in all channels of brave browser i guess.


It should be noted that when you go to you have to be logged out. I put down shields while logged in, and it did nothing. You actually have to see the sign-in page like in the second photo of @kitcat’s post. Thanks @kitcat!

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Hey, I am a frequent RTFM’r and I had to RThisFM a few times before I “got it.” If you’re like me you could pay <explicitly careful > attention to the part where the instrux explain being logged out of both the Bing & Msoft/Live websites. I say that to explain my experience:

  • I initially just turned off shields on the Bing website and the Msoft/Live sites, then I logged in to Msoft/Live. That part worked as described.
  • Then I went to the Bing mainpage & pulled the ol’ F5 to refresh, expecting a working login.
  • Nerp.
  • Next I bumped around in my bald head for a few, listened to the smoothing chllhop, and recognized my error…
  • Returning to the Bing mainpage, I went ahead and actually clicked the “Sign In” button, hopped along with the redirect to the login screen THEN turned off shields on that page…errm, like the instrux stated.
  • This move was followed quickly with a login to this spot as well, then…
  • Don’cha know it worked really well after that! :relieved:

Many thanks to the OP, as well as the dev & community responses that got me to the solution with only a bruised ego. Hope this helps some other RTFM’r stuck on Bing. Thanks for reading.


I can sign in now! I was out for a couple weeks and was glad to see when I came back that, with shields down, I can sign into Bing.

Thanks to @Mattches, @nellaiseemai, and all the devs who got it to work.