Bing sign in not working


I had Bing set up as my default search engine and had an account there with specific search settings saved there. While using Brave, I always had to allow all the cookies to keep myself signed in all the time. That is not working now. Even after allowing all cookies does not remember my sign in. I tried disabling Brave shield altogether. But even now Brave does not remember my sign in. The search page in fact showing i have not signed in.
Latest Brave Dev and Beta as of 01/30/2019. Windows 10.


Since no reply so far… i leave my next comment here.
I prefer signing into my website. But its not working in all channels of Brave.
I tried latest Brave Developer, Brave Beta and Brave Release (as of 02/09/2019) downloaded from website.

  1. Go to website
  2. Sign in with your outlook account
  3. The sign in is not working it still shows “sign in”
  4. Allow “all third party cookies” for - still not working
  5. completely disable brave shield - still not working

Earlier it used to work when I allow “all third party cookies” and I do not need to disable brave shield. Can Dev team look in to this.