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I am using Brave Version 1.36.109 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (x86_64)

It is installed on macOS Monterey 12.2.1

In the past week I have been getting ads on the top and bottom of my search results when I search for “Mobile Phones” or “Mobile Phone Plans” and other search terms have ads at the top and bottom of my search results.

These ads are clearly tagged as ads and are placed there by Bing.

I do NOT ever wish to see these ads polluting my search results even if they are clearly tagged as ads.

I adjusted the Brave Shields for Trackers & Ad Blocking to Aggressive which made no difference.

I have also tried using the adblockers uBlock Origin, Adguard and Ghostery.

I tried using a variety of filter lists such as Easy List, Adguard and quite a variety of others. None of them have been able to block those Bing ads at the top and bottom of my search results.

I have also searched the Easy List forums and tried all the suggestions posted there, but nothing has worked.

I have also very thoroughly uninstalled Brave and very carefully removed all traces of Brave from my mac.

I then downloaded Brave again and performed a fresh install of Brave and made absolutely ZERO changes to its default configuration and NO Extensions were installed.
I searched again on Bing and those Bing ads appeared again.

The same thing happens when I perform searches on Bing with Safari and Firefox.

Somehow Bing has found new ways of inserting those search result ads which now evade the currently available adblockers.

Can anybody please help me find a way to block those ads at top and bottom of my search results.

It is probably due to an extension. Extensions add google adsense or bing adsense (or whatever their search ads are called) on search results. There was a similar post awhile back on this forum or on reddit. The main culprit was extension. The developer of the extension added google adsense code in the extension and the user started seeing google search engine ads. He made a similar post, users told him it is an extension problem. He disabled the extension and then no ads were gone.

NO this most definitely not due to an Extension.

I can prove that an Extension is NOT the culprit.

Please once again read my posting and please pay careful attention to the details.

In my posting you will find I stated that I performed a very thorough uninstall of Brave from my mac, reinstalled Brave and left it completely untouched in its default configuration. That also means ZERO extensions were installed.

I went back to Bing and searched for “mobile phone plans” or “mobile phones” and those Bing ads were back.

The same thing happens with almost any search term used.

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I can confirm there are some text ads showing, still looking into it. Not sure if it’ll be blockable in Brave since they’re using the same divs as standard search results.

If you look closely at each one of those ads inserted by Bing you will see each one has a small “Ad” tag attached.

I understand that those ads are using the same divs as standard search results.

Surely the “Ad” tag attached to each would be the key to targeting those ads and enable adblockers to specifically remove those ads and not affect genuine search results.

I have continued trying various adblockers to defeat those “Ads” in Bing Search Results.

To my surprise when I used the Adblock Plus Extension for Chrome the Bing Search Results “Ads” vanished.

I made sure that allow “Acceptable Ads” was disabled.

I looked at the Filter Lists enabled by default and found in the Advanced Settings that only 2 Filter Lists were used:

EasyList Filter List

ABP Filter list

I had previously tried Easylist combined with Adguard’s Base Filter in Adguard and uBlock Origin with NO SUCCESS.

So I then tried subscribing to the ABP Filter List via adding it as a Custom Filter List to Adguard and was once again succesful at banishing those Brave Search Results ads with Adguard.

I tried adding the ABP Filter List to uBlock Origin as a Custom Filter List , however I believe that the ABP Filter format is not compatible with uBlock Origin because when I looked at the uBlock Origin Dashboard the ABP Filter count showed 0 rules out of 0 used.

Bing Search Result “Ads” returned when using uBlock Origin alone.

I also tried subscribing to the ABP Filter List as in Brave’s Adblocker by using the “Add filter list via URL” and once again the Bing Search Results “Ads” returned.

I can only get rid of those Bing Search Result “Ads” using ABP Filter List installed in Adguard or Adblock Plus.

When I use the Adguard Filtering Log there are only 2 ABP filters which are blocking anything, those filters are:[class=“b_algo”]:-abp-has(> h2 + div[class=“b_caption”] > p[class]) > li:has(> h2 + .b_caption > div.b_attribution:not([u]) + p[class])

NO OTHER FILTERS belonging to the ABP Filter List is shown in the Blocked Log.

There is obviously a problem with the formatting/syntax of the ABP Filter List and the 2 Filter Rules which are prevents them working in uBlock Origin and Brave’s Adblocker.

So far, so good the Bing Search Results are gone. I hope things stay this way.

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Can anyone provide advice on how to make the ABP Filter List work in Brave’s Adblocker or uBlock Origin.

Adblock Plus is simply not as powerful as uBlock Origin and I can’t get Brave’s built in adblocker to use the ABP Filter Rules either.

Go to brave://adblock and add extra filters.

Please carefully read my postings before replying and you will find that:

I also tried subscribing to the ABP Filter List as in Brave’s Adblocker by using the “Add filter list via URL” and once again the Bing Search Results “Ads” returned.

I also added those 2 Filter Rules individually to the Custom Filters and they didn’t work, I am presuming there is a problem with their formatting/syntax as they WILL NOT WORK in Brave’s adblocker or uBlock Origin.

However both Filter Rules and the ABP Filter List work well in Adguard.

I accidentally replied to the wrong post. It was not meant for you or this post. It was a mistake on my end. The reply was for a different post regarding adding extra filters.

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