Bing is not available


I have no access to bing and its tools using Brave. I even have a bing extension but it doesn’t work. When I try to open bing, it switches forward to a page in Github asking me to download some random files! (enclosed).

Is there any way to open bing by Brave?!!

If not, please let me know. I already have spent a lot of time reaching out to you and also trying to solve the problem.

kind regards

Well, shoot. I keep trying but links don’t seem to open to the same page as I’m copying from. But just to make sure you’re clear, Bing AI no longer exists. It is now called Copilot.

Just went through some things and seems it’s to get to it.

In terms of extensions, I don’t know of anything they have available. Meaning you’d be installing some 3rd party extension, which you never know if is safe.

In any case, what you’re asking isn’t necessarily a Brave issue so much as it is for you to take to Microsoft. You can access Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing AI) via the copilot link I just provided in this response. This will be the primary option within browsers outside of Microsoft Edge.

Have you tried using Brave’s AI yet, btw?

Thanks for the reply.
As I explained I have no access to (typing: and not copilot. by bing tools I mean bing image generator tool ( which is not available also for me using brave browser. it switches forward to Github.
By the way, I have used Leo which seems to be inspired by bing(Copilot) extension. It is handy and practical.
I hope there is a solution for the problem. Thank you for your time