Binance Widgit Doesnt provide options to convert GRT and doesnt match my binance balance

**I have linked my brave to my binance wallet that is displayed on the home screen quite a while ago. Recently i deceided to check on it to see what was in it assuming to be able to check my current trades on binance but instead it desplays tokens i havent had for quite a while or never remember getting. I was hoping to convert the GRT and ETH into bnb and then send it to my metamask but there isnt any option to convert GRT or ETH? im not sure what is causing the issue or why but was hoping to see if theres any help. I dont want to disconnect it becuase if i actually do hold those coins then i dont want to lose access to the funds i have seen there. Im not sure if that makes much sense but here is a picture.



as you can see theres no option to convert the GRT to other currencys, what do i do about this?

Windows and brave VS 1.29.81

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