Binance widget 1.8.86

Help me understand why Brave is pushing a Binance widget

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All I want to know is, when (if ever) will I be able to connect the US domain.

There is a blog post we released that goes into details about the widget/partnership:

for US-based users, which currently offers the disconnected buy view but will soon feature an API

Thank you.

I read the related blogs. As I see it Brave decides to push cryptocurrency by means of a default on handpicked exchange widget. For cryptobelievers not offensive. For the average person like me a highly questionable decision to include a niche internet activity function in the trusted browser of 13+ million homes. No less than in financing. COVID detection widget on by default next? My point being dear Brave, stop the nonsense software bloat and stop pushing an agenda disguised as service.

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It’s not bloatware and its not an agenda. Don’t want or care about crypto (or Binance)? Great, simply turn it off and move on:

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They are to me. I am also confident you and others see truth in that this widget is there in the first place to help Brave grow financially which I am actually fine with. I like such kind of idea. Just be transparent about the goal and stop pushing as if it were a service to the users because I believe that is secondary at best.

What on earth is with this out of control paranoia?

I can’t speak for everyone in my position, but as a Binance and BinanceUS customer who uses Brave, I am more than happy to see this added feature. This is simply free additional functionality that benefits everyone. The widget will facilitate increased traffic between Binance and Brave, users of each service have the opportunity to easily try the other service, current users of both services improve their workflow, and those who aren’t interested can easily just hide the widget!

Give the poor Devs a break, dude.

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Has little to do with paranoia. Who other than a select group benefits from such free additional feature and more important why a Binance widget? Why not a Quantas airliner widget, a Amazon widget, a Uber widget or type-company-name-here widget for: increased traffic and the opportunity to try the other service. I do not understand your argumentation.

This is the dictionary definition of paranoia…

a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others

What exactly is your concern here? How does this Binance widget affect you, or anyone else who chooses not to use it? As an analogy, consider that Amazon recently partnered with the NFL to offer streaming of Thursday Night Football through Amazon’s streaming platform. I’m an Amazon customer, but I don’t care about the NFL, nor do I like the NFL as an organization. However, my opinion regarding the NFL isn’t relevant. I can still shop on Amazon as I always have; no one is forcing me to watch Thursday Night Football. The partnership is for Amazon customers who do follow the NFL and do want to use the service, just like Brave’s partnership with Binance is for current or future users of both services. I can still shop on Amazon, and you can still use the Brave browser, so what difference does it make?

Again, what difference does it make? Why not have a Binance widget? Cryptocurrency is obviously a major aspect of Brave, a browser specifically built to integrate distribution of the Basic Attention Token; nevertheless, Brave Rewards, the Binance widget, and other cryptocurrency features have always been and will always be 100% optional. I fail to understand how anyone could find a reason to complain about an optional feature.

Furthermore, the Brave developers don’t have infinite time or resources to implement every single possible widget for every possible service that users may want, and expecting them to is absurd. If the developers are going to implement a feature, they have to choose one from the realm of possibilities. Regardless of what they choose to implement first, there are going to be people whining and complaining about it for one reason or another.

As for the hypothetical widgets you mentioned, what would Amazon or Uber widgets from Brave even do? Even more confusingly, what would an Australian airliner widget from Brave even do? Most Brave users don’t live in Australia, nor have they ever heard of Quantas, nor would they care about or use a Quantas widget. I don’t understand your confusion about why Binance is more relevant than just randomly choosing other companies, especially an Australian airline with a tiny market share.

By the way, Brave is free and open-source, so you’re welcome to develop whatever widget you want.

Principally browsers are meant for safe fast browsing and not much else. Standard inclusion of widgets to serve a small user base I consider bloat even if they can be turned off. A specialized risky financial market where the Binance widget leads to I view as a highly questionable decision and wholly unnecessary.

Brave wants to serve the community? Make add-ons available in Chrome Store for users to decide.

Of course it’s bloatware, what else? Your argumentation is the same like using a preinstalled Windows with tons of bloatware, which seems to be useful for the manufacturer, who argues you can just deinstall everything not needed…
And it’s not just this unnecessary Binance bloatware, the backgrounds of Brave’s start page also include advertising (Crypto etc.).
I’m also cdvc’s opinion: Let people decide what they want to use - by installing things from the store, not by uninstalling unwanted preinstalled things!

This is a perfect demonstration that you don’t understand anything about web development, or software in general. Widgets are just HTML containers that fetch content from web APIs, i.e., they’re just sophisticated buttons that you can hide forever with one click. It’s not even software, let alone bloatware, which is unwanted, pre-installed software that consumes CPU resources, takes up hard drive space, and is granted unsafe access to system and network processes. The Binance widget is doing none of this, nor is it capable of doing it. The widget does exactly the same thing as the clock above it: fetching and displaying information. The clock isn’t “bloatware” just because some people don’t care about seeing the current time when they open a new tab in their browser.

I see that neither of you have uploaded a profile picture for the Brave Community. Why aren’t you complaining about the profile picture “bloatware” instead? There’s no option to hide profile picture icons, unlike the Binance widget. Do you use Brave’s “Block element selector” menu option? What about “Remote debugging”? What about that “bloatware”?

Suggesting that this widget is bloatware is to not understand what widgets or bloatware even are…

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Grateful for the lessons and your time. The essence of my discontent changes not.

Sorry for the late response – was on PTO for a while. Not that there’s much to say here.

@cdvc, if you were to replace Binance with a widget that catered to one of your personal needs, I don’t think you would be making the same noises about “bloatware”. Binance is reputable, highly trafficked, and yes – it’s also good business.

It seems like one would have to go out of their way to find a “loser” in this situation – so lets just take the win, yeah? :slight_smile:

Good discussion – I’m going to close this thread for now, as I don’t think it is going to lead anywhere or provide any additional support.