Binance completely broken on Brave Desktop

See title. Works fine in Firefox/IE


Hi @Sowiedu,

What kind of “broken”? Screenshot would be helpful. Also please provide your Brave version from about:brave and your OS.



Sorry for the missing info (a proper feedback reporting tool integrated into brave would be really helpful :slight_smile:)

Windows 10 build 17134

im using brave browser and when i log onto binance, image verifier doesnt accept the slider input .

the same is fine on chrome browser.

can you please fix this

Rightmove Kijiji Quizlet

The slider input isn’t working since Brave’s shields are blocking a third-party cookie call or something of the sort that the slider requires. The standard fix has been to disable shields during the puzzle part (or to enable cookies in shields), and then re-enable once you’ve logged in.

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I was looking for this post so long but didn’t find this solution, now I have finally found this solution, thanks for this awesome post.

Registration or sign up form also completely broken on for me. I use Brave on Linux.


same problem, binance is not working. wouldn’t be surprised if the browser encounters the same issue on other exchanges.

See @chriscat’s solution above:

Additionally, Binanace works great on Brave Beta!