won't let me sign in on my Mac and its graphs page dose not work on my iphone


I LOVED FIREFOX!!! I have not used it regularly in years ever sense they joined Google(THE MONSTROSITY). I cant seem to get past “you mostered that image” on my Mac and on my iphone I cant see any graphs. Do I have to default to Safari?



I have the same issue. What I always do when logging onto Binance is turnind my shields down (top right in the browser). When I have successfully fit… fitted? the image, I turn the shields back up again. Did this work for you?


@Adam159357 @christopher.avis,

Please try this:

  • When you on Binance, click Brave icon at uuper right.
  • Under Cookie control , change the setting to Allow all cookies

It should let you log in. And it’s per site shields setting so will not affect other sites,
Thank yyou,


Thank you that works for my mac. I still can’t see any traps on my iPhone(works great on Mac)?


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