Binance as a wallet option PLEASE!

Binance gives people more options than uphold. Currently, we lose money transferring from uphold which is VERY limited in what they offer. Not to mention the loss from being unable to take advantage of the staking rewards that binance offers.

Heck, even coinbase is better at this point.

I totally agree too… As of now, my wallet was disconnected from uphold because of some geo-restrictions uphold has put on our country. Been using brave for years and this happens. My BAT rewards are stuck :pensive::pensive:

I read in here that they are planning Gemini as another option:

but that was many months ago, don’t know when it will be realized.

Thats happened to me twice. Once by coinbase and once by Binance. But they always gave the option to transfer to a separate wallet. Fortunately both places eventually opened back up to my area.

Cant believe uphold didn’t give you that option. Just another good reason to give us more options besides uphold.