Billetera de Brave

Buenas, tengo una pregunta, yo hace poco empecé a usar Brave, cree un cuento todo y mí billetera ahora me pide una contraseña para poder desbloquearla pero yo no recuerdo haber puesto ninguna contraseña. Me pueden ayudar con este tema? Gracias

When creating a brave wallet, you are always required to add a passwords as one of the essential things. Without one, you simply cannot continue. Weird, that you say you don’t remember a password. I guess since you have the phrase seed for wallet, you can just reset wallet and restore it. @onyb am I right ?

If you have the 12 magic words, your assets are safe. Just reset the wallet.


Be aware, that any secondary account, will NOT get loaded if you restore.

Please reset your wallet and restore it back with your 12-word recovery phrase, as @SmartyAadi pointed out: Billetera de Brave - #2 by SmartyAadi

You will be asked to set a new password while restoring your wallet.

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