Big sync improvements possible?

Hi guys, alright sync 2.0 is here and damn that is what we all have waited for! Now we have a ground where we can and should build upon.
Here is a list of features I would LOVE to see soon:

Real-time sync:
When ever I switch a lot between my devices I keep noticing that the sync cycle is a little confusing since I have to wait before my other device is up to date. First of all it’s not clear to the user when exactly things are being sync’ed and it’s not happening in real-time. Therefore I would love to see a sync indicator and a sync function that works in real-time over all active devices.

Full device history:
The only option we currently have to see the history from other devices is a small list of a few tabs we had open. I would love to see something like you can find on firefox where you have one big history that is shared between all devices. This way you can see the full history of all your activity into infinity.

Shared tabs and full tablist:
Sending tabs is in my personal opinion is a inconvenient solution for sharing tabs because sometimes when I stop working on one of my devices and start working on an other then I don’t always know if I will need a specific tab on a different device in the future. I should be able to either see a full list of open tabs of all my devices or even sync all open tabs between all devices like it would be one browser. That means the tabs I have open on one device will also be open on the other device. When I close a tab on one device, it closes on the other device too.

Let me know what you guys think about this!