Big surprise, ad notifications are absent (potential temp fix?)

So, I got a new PC back in April and up to that point, I was receiving ads on Brave on my older machine with no issue since installing the browser. Ever since then, I received absolutely no ads even after copying all Brave files from my old PC to my new one, and enabling sync.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I discovered a temporary(?) fix? Which, only works if you backed up all your Brave files like me back in April for whatever reason, maybe if you have Windows running backups every now and then it’ll work.

Basically, you head to this directory (or wherever you installed Brave):

C:\Users<NAME>\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ads_service

It seems to all lie within the “client.json” file where due to a Brave update(?) it removed an essential element titled “lastPageClassification” that, once I replaced my current client file with my old April variant, ads began running again… until the next day, at least, where it automatically removed the element again for whatever reason.

I’m not entirely sure why this element is crucial as I have no coding knowledge whatsoever, nor do I know why Brave removed this element after April, but all I know is that I’m not alone here. Many Brave users are experiencing a lack of rewards ads even after syncing, even after disabling focus assistant, after everything. I would provide a download for my old April client.json file, but I have no idea if it’s specific to my browser or if it contains any privacy-invading info, but all I know is that I was incredibly lucky to have a backup so that I could receive ads again, even if it was only for a day.

Brave, please fix this.

(NOTE: My old machine ran Windows 7 Premium, I’m currently running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC on my current PC.)

EDIT: I replaced the client.json file again and ads are running once again, albeit not as frequent as it should be as I have it set for 5 ads per hour and I’m receiving moreso 1 ad per few hours average, but I can confirm that consistently replacing the file with an older variant (although a giant hassle) is a temporary fix so far. By tomorrow though I expect the client.json file to revert back and ads be broken yet again.


I deleted that client.json file and I started receiving ads lol (I backed up that file before deleting just in case)

When I delete that file the 7-days ads history disappeared and after few minutes I received an ad lol

any idea where can I find this file on linux??

Unsure, but try looking for a folder named “ads_service”

NOTE: I will not be responsible for your actions If something goes wrong in the future.

  • I tried this on my backup laptop running Win 10, I didn’t performed this on my official pc.

Wait that’s illigal! Y’all hacking brave ads xD

jk! I tried it too it works thanks

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I believe this is an advertising bonus fraud issue, if you do it you probably won’t get the next month’s payments.

please transend me your
file using txt format
your file
called (Client.json) fix all

In this folder,i have no file
called (Client.json).

Also file doesn’t have any of the text mentioned here.
(lastPageClassification and lastUserIdleStopTime)

Seems very similar to my situation.

thank you
Chromium: 84.0.4147.135
(Official Build) (64-bit)
and i dont use any vpn windows 7

@Mattches @steeven Have a look here before many people try and cause problems in their next payment.


It worked!!!

I tried it on my regular pc!! Hope it won’t cause any problems in the next payment! :confounded:

If an official is going to say it won’t be a problem, I’m thinking of doing it. It’s so annoying not to receive ads @steeven @eljuno @Mattches

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And how many ads did you received after doing it? Is it possible on mobile?

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Does anyone know how to set the Brave Factory Mode?

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