***big problems

When I use a private Brave window with tor, a lot of energy is taken from my system and I notice it right away and I feel a slight slowdown in system performance. “I do not open many tabs!”
In general, Brave on the Windows OS operating system is slightly slower than other browsers when moving pages. You can even notice the slowness when scrolling up and down the pages. Another problem with Brave is the relatively high battery consumption during the day.

My PC specifications:
core i7 10th
RAM 8 ddr4
Geforce GTX 1660ti


In brief, try to reduce the workload on the CPU(s) and the GPU, caused by processes other than Brave Browser.

Use the Windows Task Manager window (tools), and the Brave Browser Task Manager (search for that, in the Help menu).

You might also use the Brave Browser Developer Tools >> Network (search for Developer Tools, in the Help menu). For helping you to diagnose, What are the excess processes that can be dispensed with, while testing?

A lot of tips on how to use Developer Tools:

You can set the location for the Developer Tools window, including, detaching the window.

Using Developer Tools >> Network, takes practice.

Go thru the Brave Browser Settings, and Disable what you can, in order to relieve Brave Browser of some burdens and tasks (extensions?) . . . and afford Brave Browser some focus upon the video website.

Quit everything. Restart your Windows OS computer. Run Brave Browser and open a “New Private Window” . . . and use that window, for testing the video URL and performance. If a “New Private Window” inhibits things . . . then try the “New Window”.

And maybe, use a new window per video URL address.