Big problem.How to recover lost tabs


Hi everyone,I am an active user of Brave.Recently it stopped to open,I mean when I click on it,it is on the windows bar below but I cannot actually run it properly.The thing is,the tabs that were open are were important to me.How can I retrieve them?I saved the Session Storage and tried to reinstall it,but still cannot open it properly.Maybe cuz I changed my OS to Windows 10?any help would be appreciated


Same thing is happening to me. I am on windows 7. This happens after the latest Brave update far as I can tell.


This is most likely related to this post as many other similar posts have been posted recently. Do you know whether you just submitted a payment today, as the issue is related to a corrupted file.

If either of you have Metamask installed you can apparently click on links in metamask to get a new tab. Hopefully an update will be put out soon.

@eljuno , this seems like it’s going to be a big issue this week as payments go out. A pinned post might help keep the forum calm.


I had the message yesterday about in 24 hours it would send out payments.

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Hi @MockingBird777 and @b1600199

Definitely check out the post @Chugwig referenced (thanks for linking that @Chugwig!!) . A fellow Brave employee has posted some information there.


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