Big increase in ads?

Ive used Brave for years. Just the last few days i have seen a big increase in the number of pop up ads from Brave. Has there been a change?

@d3xx Ad campaigns will always fluctuate. Obviously the number of ads you get will be dependent on how many advertisers have ads that are targeting your OS type in your region. You would have to look at or to see about how many campaigns are in your region. The second link actually provides a lot more details, such as the maximum number of times you can see & earn ads from each campaign, which OS they are targeting, etc.

As to whether there’s a change, the only thing to be said is Brave did launch self serve ads a few months ago, which provides more opportunities for people to be able to place ads. If you want to see more on that, you can see it at

But if you’re asking if any major changes on a grand scheme or if it’s a guaranteed change for the future, the answer is no.

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